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Exhibiting in philately requires considerable effort, but for those able to participate or attend provides a great opportunity to extend their knowledge of chosen topics. Now thanks to the internet this opportunity is avaible to everyone in the comfort and convenience of their home.

There are several websites devoted to thematic philately, including those on cycling/bicycle exhibits listed here, most of them by Bicycle Stamps Club members with a reputation in the philatelic world. Thanks to them for sharing their efforts with us

Payanotis D. Cangelaris - The Mafeking Blues 1900

Richard Frajola - The Fresno and San Francisco Bicycle Mail of 1894

Mike Farrell - The Fresno and San Francisco Bicycle Mail of 1894

Pasquale Polo - Two wheels is life
This exhibit was published as a booklet by UICOS -> follow this link

Armin Rühl - Die Tour de France

Vojtech Jankovic - Worlds of Pedals

ex-René Geslin - Cycling As a Sport

Raymond V. See - De la Draisienne à Nos Jours

Pasquale Polo - Attraverso “I colori dell’iride

ex-Inge Johansen - The Story of the non-polluting two wheeler (2017)

Brian Sole - Go by Bicycle (part #1) (part #2) (part #3) (part #4) (part #5) (part #6) (part #7) (part #8)

Eduardo Scardino - El Cartero en bicicleta (Postman on bicycle)

Jordi Quintana - The Two-Wheeled (R)Evolution: a Bicycle Tale (IBRA2023)

Jordi Quintana - Cycling: The Epic of Sport (VirtTemFil2020)

Jordi Quintana - The Peace Race (2018)

Jordi Quintana - Un Tomb en Bicicleta (2009)

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Some articles on the internet are in depth studies about some aspects of cyclophilately. Also there are several cycling/bicycle exhibits available in these sites. Most of them are related to Bicycle Stamps Club members. Thanks for sharing them with the community. Enjoy them.

Raymond V. See was one of us until his death on June 2012. He was very active on social networks. He promoted a first yahoo newsgroup until yahoo ceased his activity. Then he promoted the Facebook group. There he posted with keenness.

Raymond V. See contributions on the FB group

Payanotis D. Cangelaris - The Mafeking Blues 1900

Marina Poncioni - The Postage Stamps From The Siege of Mafeking

Coolgardie Cycle Express: Local Posts Eastern Goldfields 1894-7

Ingenuity, Murder, Fraud and Fixies (San Francisco in 1894)

This rogue bicycle pony express delivered mail in 1894

Several articles about Mafeking Siege at Scouts South Africa website

Some notes about australian local parcel carriers, including coolgardie and Lake Lefroy Goldfield cycle post services

Norway: A philatelic raririty

Peter Valdner - Timaru - bicycle post

Pieter Reijbroek - Perfins and bicycles

Uwe Wiedemann - Tandem cyclophilately

Arnoldt Rehm website - Several cyclophilatelic articles
Some examples:
Stamp Circuit - The Mafeking Siege Stamps

Jordi Quintana - La bicicleta cumple 200 años (The bicycle is 200 years old) (published in El Eco Filatélico y Numismático)

Jordi Quintana - 200 anys en bicicleta (200 years over the bicycle) (published in FINUSGAB journal)

Pasquale Polo - C'era una volta... la bicicletta (Once upon a time ... the bicycle)

Pasquale Polo - Trieste - lo sport durante l’occupazione militare alleata (Trieste, sport during the Allied military occupation)

Pasquale Polo - Il Tour de Trump – Du Pont (the Tour of Trump-DuPont)

Ken Lewis - On your bike! (Australian Bicycle Couriers 1894-97) (Go to page 22)

Von Uli Feick on Der Knochenschüttler (1/2013) - Fahrräder auf Briefmarken (Bicycles on Stamps) (Go to page 19)

Vojtech Jankovič - An unexpectedly rich cycling year 2016 in Slovak philately.

Vojtech Jankovič - Sports and Olympic Games - Triathlon.

Internet forum about Coolgardie Cycle Express on

Doping fight becomes a philatelic topic on

Jordi Quintana - Aristocracia Filatélica y Economía Temática (comments about some cyclophilatelic items' auctions and large prices).

Francisco Piniella - El correo privado en las colecciones temáticas (3ª parte) - correos privados catalanes (Catalan private posts, Barcelona Postal Express among them). - Mysterious Bicycle Stamp. What is it? How many varieties are there?. -

Sebastià Torrell - Rodillos de Poca Difusión. Marcofília de La Vuelta Ciclista a España (Postmarks and Cancels of La Vuelta of Spain) - Afinet (Philatelic Digital Magazine) (Page 60). - Specialised website devoted to Poland Groszy overprints.

Delcampe Magazine - La Poste Pneumatique (Part #1). (Part #2). (Part #3).

Delcampe Magazine - French Bicycle Tax Stamps (pages 40-51).

Delcampe Magazine - Leonardo da Vinci (pages 10-17).

Delcampe Magazine - Le Tour de France en philathelie - Concord Bicycle Co. - Bicycle Mail Route Fresno-San Francisco.

Vojtech Jankovic in - VI Peace Race 1953 .

Vojtech Jankovic in - Peace Race .


Arnoldt Rehm is a BSC member who devoted his website to Cyclophilately.
Articles, catalogs, bibliography and more can be found in his website

An unofficial Bicycle Stamps Club Facebook group was created by Raymond V. See.
It's a place of direct contact among BSC members where they may share everything related to our hobby.
(Because it's a closed group, first you need to join Facebook and then request group membership. You will need to await the group administrators' approval)

Veloce - Le vélo à travers le timbre
Veloce is the first website devoted to cyclophilately. Not updated, it remains there as an example how internet can help to promote our hobby


Interview to Brian Sole (pages 33-34)

Interview to Piet Hein Hilarides - Passion, cyclisme et Philatelie avec Piet Hein Hilarides

Interview to Vojto Jankovic

Interview to Vojto Jankovic (2)

Pasquale Polo - A Bicicleta na visao filatélica do italiano Pasquale Polo

Hommage to René Geslin

Pasquale Polo, il migliore a Colonia

Hommage to René Geslin (2)

Cycling as a Sport Collection Wins Gold in Beijing - Li Jingbo's collection

Cycling as a Sport Collection Wins Gold in Beijing - Li Jingbo's collection (2)

Rétro : Cyclisme et philatélie - Fabien Charrel

Claude Alain Sintes - Des vélos sur les timbres poste français

Claude Alain Sintes - Vélo et Philatelie

Timbres Mag - Le Cyclisme

Thomas Musch - Die schönsten Radsport-Briefmarken

Edward du Muench - Bicycle Stamps (powerpoint presentation)

Phil-Ouest - La petite reine des timbrés : le vélocipède

Jordi Quintana on the Oficial Catalog of the Exposition of National Spanish Olympic and Sportive Philathely (Tordera 2018) - Cyclophilathely, the Thematic of Cyclism Sport (see last pages)


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