Official publication of Bicycles-on-stamps unit from American Topical Association.

Editor: Frank Havnoonian (USA).
10 issues.

Editor: Douglas Marchant (UK).
6 issues.
Private magazine.
Magazine devoted to bicycle collectibles as stamps, books, matchboxes, cards, phonecards... Lots of cyclophilatelie papers.

Official publication of Bicycle Stamps Club.

1986 to present.
Douglas Marchant (UK) (1986-1989)
Norman Batho (USA) (1990-1993)
Tony Teideman (AUS) (1993-2017)
Brian Sole (UK) (2012-present)
104 isues to present (BS83)

index of SPOKEN' WORD to BICYCLE STAMPS magazines.
All relevant papers and articles compiled by Tony Teideman and updated by Jordi Quintana


Le Cycle et La Poste
René Geslin and Jean-Pierre Mangin.
l'Impremerie Saint-Paul, Bar le Duc, France, 1988. ISBN 2-88-099.
Includes sections devoted to the use of the bicycle by postal administrations, the use of the bicycle by private postal services, private postal services which complemented official government postal services, and private postal services which have been allowed in addition to official goverment services. Approximately half of the book is dedicated to the bicycle stamps of the world, organized by country within continent. Includes hundreds of black and white photos.
In French.

Bicycle Stamps: Bikes and Cycling on the World's Postage Stamps
Dan Gindling.
1997, Motorbooks International, Osceola, USA.
Hundreds of bicycle stamps in full color. Sections include Bicycles on Stamps, Bicycle History on Stamps, Stamps at the Olympics, Bicycle Racing Stamps, Semi-Postals, Postal Carriers, Special Subjects, Local Issues, Booklets, Other Postal Items.

Le « beau » François Faber
Ralph Letsch
2022, Autoédition
François Faber and its competitors …through cartophilia, gazettophilia, marcophilia, philately, pictopublicophilia and other collectibles. Avaible HERE

Fahrrad - Erfindung und seine Verwendung.
Vom Jahr 1817 bis zum 21. Jahrhundert philatelistisch gesehen.
Günter Pöpperl.

106 Jahre Tour de France 2009.
Günter Pöpperl.

Cykelpost. Pa Nya Zeeland.
Tony Ward

The Fesno and San Francisco Bicycle Mail of 1894.
Lowell S. Cooper.

Mit dem Fahrrad an die Front: Feldpost der Radfahrertruppen
Hans-Werner Salzmann.(2014)


Due Route È Vita
Pasquale Polo.
Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici e Sportivi, Italia, 2004.
This publication is a reproduction of the Pasquale Polo collection. DUE RUOTE is VITA. It is 96 pages dedicated to the history of cycling and cycling, a story that could not be divided because if there are the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the World Cycling Championships, it is because there are also some billions of people who pedal by necessity, for pleasure and for fun.


There are several books which describe bicycle stamps as a type of collecting, being a useful way to promote and diseminate our hobby.

Tout l'Univers des Deus Roues par le Timbre. Motobecane Corporation.
Yagami Corporation
Official Program of 52th Tour of Catalonia "La Volta".
Die 100 Tour de France. Published by Michel editions.
Mit dem Rad durch zwei Jahrhunderte (history of the bicycle). M.J.B Rauck, G. Volke, F.R. Paturi.
Història de la Bicicleta. Catalan lenguage version of previous book.
A la Decouverte des Sports d'Équipe par le Timbre-Poste. Blank stamp album to promote collecting for young people.
Agenda 2005 - La Poste. Agenda where all days are depicted with stamps. Lots of bicycle stamps from french catalog.


As a wonderful topical, cyclophilately has been featured many times in general philatelic journals.

Sometimes the presence of cyclophilately on the cover has shown the significance of the articles.


Thematic exhibiting requies the knowledge of exhibiting rules and often the advice of advanced collectors.

Handbook of Thematic Philately. W.E.J. van den Bold.
Thematic Exhibiting. Wobbe Vegter.


All catalogs listed are NOT updated (in general, not beyond 2000).
Only the list referenced in Bicycle Stamps magazine is periodically updated by Piet Hein Hilarides.
In order to get access to this database, please contact Piet Hein Hilarides at


Il Collezionista - Italia Filatelica - 1965
Das Fahrrad 982 Motive Im Briefmarken-Katalog - Der Welt
Speciale Catalogus Fiets-latelie - Piet Hein Hilarides
Cyclo-philatelie - Catalogue thématique de la bicyclette
The Bicycle and the Postage Stamp - Ronald F. Sudbury
Stamps Collecting for the Cyclist - Ronald F. Sudbury
Cyclisme-Radfahren-Cycling - Unknown author
Beijk, A. Katalog Radrennen auf Briefmarken, The Netherlands, 1982. German version. A partially illustrated (black and white only) checklist. Organized by country. Photocopied.
Special Catalog Bicycles on Stamps: Edition 1994, Editor Marco Tibbe, The Netherlands, 1994.
Speciale Catalogus Velo-Telie - Marco Tibbe
Illustrated Bikes on Stamps, Editor Steve Malone, USA, 1995.
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Arnoldt Rehm website - On-line Catalog of non-stamps philatelic items
Norman Batho's catalog
Steve Malone's catalog
Josef Muhsil's catalog


Special Catalog Bicycles on Stamps: The Local, Military and Non-Postal Issues, Editor Marco Tibbe, The Netherlands, 1994.
Bill Hornadge. Local Stamps of Australia.
Bill Hornadge. Local Stamps of Australia.
Charles Kiddle. Bicycle. Germany. The Poster Stamps.


René Geslin. Les Cahiers Thematiques, Le Cyclisme, France et Monaco, 1987, Association Française de Philatélie Thématique. Virtually all bicycling related cancellations of France and Monaco from 1904 through 1986. Organized by country. Softcover, offset printed.
René Geslin. Catalogue des Obliterations Cyclistes. France and Monaco. Philoffset Editions.
Ferran Bellfort. Matasellos de ciclismo 1954-1989. Catalogo de España. Spanish Cancels.
Jacek Kapkowski and Ryszard Rzepko. Wysicig Pokoju1948-1972 (The Peace Race). Biblioteka Filatelisty.
Ivan Vápenka. Cyklisticky Závod Míru (the Peace Race). 1948-1997. Part-I Czekoslovenko. Olympsport #30.
Ivan Vápenka. Cyklisticky Závod Míru (the Peace Race). 1948-1997. Part-II Poland, DDR, URSS and Romania. Olympsport #32.
Ornaghi Floriano and Ornalghi Fiorenzo. Obliterazioni Meccaniche Mondiale a Soggetto La Bicicletta. Milano 1984.
Jordi Quintana. Cataleg de Ciclisme. Spanish Cyclophilately. Updated to 2017 from Ferran Bellfort's Catalog.
Future updates will be avaible by downloading the zip file.

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Maurizio Tecardi. Annullamenti Sportivi Italiani 4-Ciclismo.
Renato Bulfon. Annulli speciale di Ciclismo.
Pasquale Polo. Io Colleziono "Tutti i Colori Dell'iride" - Catalog of World Championships' cyclophilately.
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postage Meter Stamps Catalog.
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. France and Monaco. Vol.1 (1948-1980)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. France and Monaco. Vol.2 (1981-1998)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. France and Monaco. Vol.3 (1999-2011)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. Italy, San Marino and Vatican. Vol.1 (1939-1991)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. Italy, San Marino and Vatican. Vol.2 (1992-2004)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog. Italy, San Marino and Vatican. Vol.3 (2005-2011)
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog of West Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany). Vol.1
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog of West Europe (GB, Liechtesnstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland). Vol.2
Francesco Repetti. Cycling Postmarks Catalog of Spain and Portugal.