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The main benefit of belonging to Bicycle Stamps Club is to join a community where the synergies among the members can improve your own collecting.

Bicycle Stamps Magazine

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons for being an official member is the magazine called Bicycle Stamps.
A wealth of information arrives at your door every six months.
In each issue there are numerous articles relating to our hobby; some written by members, others by outside contributors.
To present 120 numbers of cyclophilately magazine has been issued, containing more than 760 relevant articles.

Here are the titles of some articles which appeared over the years (free download):

Each issue of Bicycle Stamps lists the most recent new issues.
An updated Membership Roster appears each year issue.

You'll agree that each new issue of the magazine becomes a part of the world's best encyclopedia on the subject of bicycle related postage stamps.
Your contributions will be ever welcome.

Free sample number of BS Magazine.

Click on the image to download it.

Catalogs and lists

Several members of the Club published bicycle stamp lists of catalogs on their own initiative and effort and not as Club projects.
They vary in completeness, information per entry, language in which they are printed, cost, and whether or not illustrated.
Members who publish catalogs or lists are: Batho (English), Hilarides (French), Malone (English), Pöpperl (German) and Tibbe (Dutch).
At this moment only Hilarides catalog is updated. It is available at a small cost from Hilarides.

Stamps and appropiate cyclophilatelic material to sell/buy.

The Bicycle Stamps Club is a non-profit. However some members on their own initiative, and not as club projects, offers philatelic material to sell/buy through personal communication.


We welcome new members who share our interests!
To make payment as simple as possible, we have arranged to accept payments in a variety of currencies. See below.

If you are interested, general Membership inquiries should be sent to:

Ralph Letsch (LUXEMBOURG) Secretary

Corey Hjalseth (USA) U.S.A. Treasurer

Brian Sole (UK) Treasurer

or you can download, fill out and send by post the membership application.


Membership fees
Subscription/year £15 / 20 € / 25 US$
The membership rates are subject to change from time to time due to variability of exchange rates.

Subscription payment by cash, check and electronic bank transfer

Corey Hjalseth
Evergreen Home Loans, 1102 Broadway, Suite 200
Tacoma - WA 98402-3526, USA

Brian Sole
49 Westcar Lane, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames
England, KT12 5ER

Join us ! We look forward to having you as a member!


Please contact the BSC using the contact form from the menu above for membership inquiries and other questions regarding BSC. For payments of dues, contact B. Sole or C. Hjalseth.

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